'Glee' Star Lea Michele Falls Head Over Heels in New Candie's Commercial (Video)

The shoe ads are girly, super-cute and aimed directly at teenage girls, which makes the singer-actress a perfect brand ambassador.

Glee's Lea Michele is back in yet another oh so adorably cute Candie’s for Kohl's ad as part of the shoe brand's big fall 2012 media campaign.

Her latest commercial is set to the iconic song, "Love is Strange," by R&B duo Mickey & Sylvia.

Why is love strange? Well, for many, many reasons, only one of which is worth discussing here. You see, as Michele explains in the video below, the concept is that she's walking down the street (on the Paramount Studios backlot, where Glee is actually filmed so it's -- giggle -- like Lea's backyard) when she spots a pair of shoes in the window.

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She immediately falls head over heels (get it?) and begins to draw a heart -- yes, a heart --  in lipstick on the store window. BUT (!) there is a super-cute shoe salesman inside and he thinks that she's flirting with him, not falling for a pair of heels. We know, predictable, but still so fun (big smile!).

Michele declares: "He thinks I'm falling in love with him! But girls love their shoes!" 

The TV spot will debut mid-month, and the print ads will appear in the August issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as online, outdoor and in Kohl’s "marketing vehicles."

Marketing vehicles?

Watch the commercial and the behind-the-scenes video below.