'Glee's' Matthew Morrison: Elton John Should Be Sue Sylvester's Boyfriend

Mathieu Young/FOX

The Fox star muses about an on-screen role for the iconic Elton John opposite Sue Sylvester after the two singers performed together on Matthew Morrison's debut album.

TORONTO -- Glee star Mathew Morrison wants Elton John to take a break from diaper duty and get busy with Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, on the hit Fox TV show.

“I came up with this thing where he (John) should be Sue Sylvester’s new boyfriend. I think that would be hilarious," the singer-turned-TV star joked backstage during a publicity stop in Toronto on Tuesday.

Morrison and John partnered on a duet on the Glee star’s debut album, now on release.

The TV star touched down briefly in Toronto to tub-thump for Glee on Global Television in Canada before flying to London to start an international concert tour.

Morrison said he did the solo album in part to separate himself from his on-screen persona as Glee club teach Will Schuester.

“I want to have that separation. The sooner I can start doing that, the better,” he explained.