Glenn Beck: AP "Raped" Bill Cosby by Posting His Response to Rape Allegations Question

"You’ve just raped Bill Cosby"

Glenn Beck is very upset at the Associated Press for airing footage from an interview with Bill Cosby in which Cosby refuses to comment on the allegations that he has sexually assaulted multiple women.

On Thursday, Beck spent 15 minutes of his radio program expressing his rage at the AP, which recently released the Nov. 6 interview and Cosby's comments to the reporter following the interview. While the cameras were still rolling, Cosby asked that his "no comment" to the rape allegations be "scuttled" from the interview.

Beck called the reporter — who told Cosby he couldn't promise what the AP would use — a "slimebag" and repeatedly said that nobody knows if Cosby really raped all of the women who have come forward. One of his co-hosts added that he "sincerely doubts it" and the trio agreed it was a "sad situation." 

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"You want to talk about rape? That’s media rape right there,” said Beck, around the 14:20 mark of the clip below. “You said you would not do that. Since when does your ‘no’ mean ‘yes’? Do you know the definition of ‘no,’ sir? You’ve just raped Bill Cosby. You said you wouldn’t do it. You just did it and then you blamed it on him. My gosh, maybe we should have a lesson on rape."

Meanwhile, the list of alleged victims coming forward to accuse Cosby is still growing.