Glenn Beck Calls 9/11 Memorial Service a 'Complete and Total Disgrace' On His New Show

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The former Fox News host launched his Internet-only daily program by laying into the organizers of the Ground Zero memorial ceremony.

Glenn Beck kicked off his new Internet-only series Glenn Beck by trashing the 9/11 memorial ceremony, calling it a "complete and total disgrace" that first responders were not invited.

New York City officials had previously stated that there was not enough room at the former World Trade Center site to accommodate all the family members and security precautions. But Beck wasn't buying it. He also complained about the lack of clergy at the service, calling it "a slap in the face of God."

Other topics covered in the first show included a discussion of the differences between "good Muslims" and "bad Muslims" and a thorough trashing of the mainstream media's coverage of the 9/11 anniversary.

Beck's online venture GBTV is a subscription-only streaming Internet channel featuring nothing but programming reflecting Beck's outlook. The new Glenn Beck program is twice as long as his Fox News show and features new contributors and segments. Though some of Beck's reliable standbys, such as the chalkboard, remain.

Subscribers pay $9.95 a month for full access to the site and Beck's show.