Glenn Beck Critiques 'Game Change,' Says HBO 'Hates' Sarah Palin (Video)

Philip V. Caruso/HBO

The host calls the TV movie an "abortion" and tells his radio audience that the network is "obsessed" with the former vice presidential candidate.

Glenn Beck had a few laughs Monday on his radio show at the expense of HBO, accusing executives of obsessing over Sarah Palin and playing audio from Game Change while ridiculing it as a preposterous portrayal of the former Republican vice presidential candidate.

Beck noted that HBO only focused on Palin while the book of the same name also reported on then-candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and others.

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“They only wanted to take the attack Sarah-Palin side. Now, why?,” Beck asked. “Are they trying to make sure that they -- this is what their attempt is -- that she’ll never be able to have any credibility at all and she’ll never be able to run for anything?”

“They are obsessed with her,” Beck added. “They just hate her with every fiber of their being.”

He also called Game Change an “HBO abortion.”

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Beck and two cohorts had a good time playing a scene where Sen. John McCain asks at a rally, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” and supporters shout back: “He’s a terrorist!” “He’s a Muslim!” “Kill him!” “Send him back to Africa!” The scene is based on an October, 2008 incident in which McCain corrected one of his supporters, who had called Obama an Arab.

“Listen to how they’re painting you,” Beck told his audience.

“Here’s the movie I’m gonna make: ‘Mr. President, Hawaii is not part of Asia.’” Beck joked, referencing a gaffe Obama made during a November, 2011 press conference in Hawaii at which he said, "Here in Asia." “And there are only 50 states,” chimed in a sidekick in reference to another misstatement.

Watch the video below: