Glenn Beck's GBTV Set to Launch Reality Show 'Independence U.S.A.'

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Beck's Internet-only network is diving into reality with a series about a family preparing for life "off the grid."

Mere weeks after announcing it would be venturing into animation, Glenn Beck's Internet-only network will now enter the reality space as well. 

GBTV, which the conservative firebrand launched as he was exiting Fox News this past spring, is prepping its first reality show, Independence U.S.A.

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The series, which will airs on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 18, centers on Frank Belcastro and his family as they try to become completely independent and prepare for life “off the grid." He will do such things as build a car that runs on wood in the event that gasoline supplies are interrupted; become an expert hunter in case grocery stores are no longer in existence; and make his own alcohol for barter on the off chance the dollar collapses.

"Independence U.S.A. is the perfect way for GBTV to enter the reality genre and promises to be an entertaining and informative look at how one family tries to grapple with their concerns for America," says GBTV programming president Joel Cheatwood of the series, which will be jointly produced GBTV and The WorkShop.

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Adds Belcastro: "This show, for me, is a fun and sometimes funny way to get people to open their eyes and see what's going on. Americans are so reliant on the infrastructure around them but when you can create something with your own hands and everybody works as a team, everybody does a part, you can focus on the positive of this."

The reality entry will join a slate of original programming that includes Liberty Tree House, Mercury Theater and the comedy news show The B.S. of A, along with Beck's two-hour show, which is broadcast live weekdays from 5 to 7 PM. A source close to the company said that GBTV is in conversations with several companies about licensing content to air on the network as well.

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