Glenn Beck: Jewish People 'Drive Me Out of My Mind' by 'Constantly Talking' (Audio)

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"I don't know how that society even functions," he tells his radio listeners on the heels of a trip to Israel.

On the heels of his "Restoring Courage" event in Israel, Glenn Beck had some things to say about Jewish people that could land him in hot water -- again.

"I love the Israelis," he said. "I love the Jewish people. But they drive me out of my mind when they talk over each other. They're constantly talking! I don't know how that society even functions."

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Beck went on to equate being around Jews in Israel to being with a family that had eight children.

"Eating dinner at their house was like having dinner in Israel," he said. "Everybody is just talking at the same time, you can't even think!"

Beck, who made the remarks on his radio show Thursday from South Africa, has said that "there is no one more pro-Israel or more pro-Jew than I am." 

But he has angered Jewish groups before by using Nazi language and imagery, attacking Holocaust survivor George Soros and comparing Reform rabbis to radical Muslims.

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When he announced his departure from Fox News earlier this year, the  social advocacy nonprofit group Jewish Funds for Justice celebrated and took credit for his exit. The organization had campaigned for a year for his ouster, circulating petitions and buying newspaper ads.

Several other Jewish groups had protested his show as well.