Glenn Beck Jokes About Whistleblower Sean Hoare's Death (Audio)

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The radio personality also tells listeners to "pray" that the pressure on News Corp. stops because "that is the parent company of Fox News Channel."

Radio host Glenn Beck had a good chuckle Tuesday about the death of News of the World whistleblower Sean Hoare.

During the first hour of his program, Beck asked, "Did you hear about the guy from News of the World? The guy who was the whistleblower on the News Corp. thing? I love this story. He woke up dead!

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"And they're saying it's not suspicious. I'm not saying foul play was involved but it is suspicious that he's dead [chuckles]."

Hoare was the first person to go on record about the News of the World's phone hacking practices in a 2010 New York Times interview. His information, along with other inquiries, has since rippled across the News Corp. media empire, with CEO Rupert Murdoch and his son James Murdoch testifying about it at British Parliament Tuesday.

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Beck and his staff joked that circumstances surrounding Hoare's July 18 death would harm anyone's well-being, "When you have the prime minister, when you have the head of Scotland Yard, when you have the mayor of London...all of them involved in a scandal and you're the whistleblower, yeah, I think you're in poor health [laughs]."

Beck went on to chide "liberals" for tying the shady practices of the News of the World -- a British tabloid that was shut down earlier this month -- to News Corp. He said Fox News Channel, another News Corp. entity, would be the next target, "We should all fall to our knees and pray that that stops, because that is the parent company of Fox News Channel."