Glenn Beck Launches Children’s Show

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'Liberty Treehouse' will air on his internet-only station GBTV.

Glenn Beck is delivering his message to a new audience: children. The former Fox News host has announced that he’s launching a television show for the younger generation.

The show, Liberty Treehouse, will air on his internet-based channel GBTV. It will showcase the day’s news and history for the audience. GBTV’s Raj Nair will host the hour-long show.

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After leaving his show on Fox News, Beck launched GBTV with a two-hour show of his own, claiming that he’d have complete control over the content. The station launched Sept. 12.

Subscribers are charged a monthly fee for access to Beck’s weekday 5p.m. ET show, or $9.95 for GBTV Plus, which offers the complete network of programs.

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“GBTV is the future,” said Beck. “The confines of traditional media no longer apply. GBTV is about getting active in the community, participating in stories and finding new ways to deliver news, information and entertainment directly to the audience.”

The conservative pundit left Fox News earlier this year, with his final show on June 30, 2011.