Glenn Beck Moving to Dallas to Build Film, TV and Radio Studios (Video)

Glenn Beck - "Restoring Honor" Rally - 2010
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The former Fox News star also tells the media, "Leave my family alone," after reporters leak details that he says put the lives of his wife and children at risk.

No longer needing to live near the Fox News Channel studios in New York, Glenn Beck said Monday he’s moving to Dallas, Texas, where he will build film, television and radio facilities.

Beck also blasted the media for leaking some specifics of his family’s relocation, arguing that their reporting put his wife and children in danger.

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“It puts my family’s life at jeopardy,” Beck told his radio listeners Monday, explaining that reporters dug up details of his move despite his use of assumed names and non-disclosure agreements.

“Leave my family alone!” Beck said to the media on Monday, before explaining his relocation to Dallas. (Audio is below).

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Beck has created GBTV, which is online now though it doesn’t launch in earnest until Sept. 12. The Internet network consists of original news and opinion programming for subscribers who pay from $50-$100 per year.

“I’m moving to Dallas, Texas, and my family is there now, and I will be there shortly,” Beck told his radio audience Monday.

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He said he started scouting land in and around Dallas in December. He joked about how that state’s part-time legislature and low taxation has led to trash piling up in the streets and the need to fire all teachers, police and firefighters, before claiming Texas creates far more jobs than any other state in the country.

“We’re going to build a film and television center and radio center in Dallas and we’re going to create some jobs with people who know how to create jobs,” he said.

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It’s still unclear whether GBTV will find a more traditional home on cable or satellite television, and Beck’s references to filmmaking are vague, but it seems the bulk of his content-creation activities will be handled in Texas going forward, even though his Mercury Radio Arts company remains headquartered in Manhattan.

Beck has been hinting at a move for a few weeks but hadn’t confirmed details until Monday. According to the website Gawker, Beck is paying $20,000 a month rent for the Dallas house, which can be viewed in a YouTube video. (Video is embedded below).

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“We are changing our life because I actually believe in the things that I tell you every day, and we’ve started GBTV,” he told his radio listeners Monday.

GBTV, he said, “is already more wildly successful than we had imagined that we would be. It’s not even on the air yet and it’s already successful.”