Glenn Beck responds to Stewart, Colbert rallies

Fox News host held 'Restoring Honor' event Aug. 28

Glenn Beck issued a statement responding to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's plan to hold rallies in Washington D.C next month.

The Comedy Central hosts' rallies are expected to draw thousands to an event that essentially spoofs the Fox News host's "Restoring Honor" event Aug. 28.

"8/28 was a historic event for a lot of Americans," Beck said. "I hope that Ed Schultz, the AFL-CIO, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and whoever else wants to plan a march in DC have the same great success that we had with Restoring Honor."

Stewart and Colbert's rallies will take place Oct. 30 on the National Mall and have yielded more than 100,000 collective RSVPs on Facebook. Beck's event attracted between 87,000 and 300,000 supporters, depending on which estimate you believe.