Glenn Beck Says Al Gore Didn't Allow Him to Bid on Current TV (Video)

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Mercury Radio Arts announced a megadeal June 11 with Clear Channel's Premiere Networks to continue his popular radio show on 400 stations nationwide for another five years. Beck, 48, will be paid $20 million a year to host and produce the show, twice what he made under his 2007-12 contract.

The people behind Al Jazeera "stone women and homosexuals in their streets," Beck tells Bill O'Reilly. "Wow, I'm proud to not have the same cornerstone of values as Al Gore."

Glenn Beck was prevented even from bidding for Current TV because his politics don’t coincide with those of former Vice President Al Gore, who founded the liberal network,  the conservative commentator told Bill O’Reilly on Thursday night.

Gore said a week ago that he would sell cable network Current TV for $500 million to Al Jazeera, a news outlet that conservatives often accuse of anti-American bias but that others, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have championed for a no-nonsense approach to reporting news that others are ignoring.

It has been widely reported that Beck’s Mercury Arts tried to buy Current TV, but Beck said Thursday on The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel that his company never stood a chance.

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“Did you really make a formal offer to buy this dopey network,” O’Reilly asked Beck.

Beck said he had an executive place a call to Current TV, and a representative there said they’d have to check whether Gore would sell the network to a company owned by Beck, a controversial figure who is often maligned by progressives and whose highly rated show on Fox News ended amid a lack of support from advertisers.

“Within 15 minutes they called us back and they said, ‘The vice president has a reputation, and under no circumstance will he ever entertain an offer from Glenn Beck,” he told O’Reilly.  “We weren’t allowed to the table. “

Some of the knocks against Al Jazeera are that it has been antagonistic toward Israel, that the Qatari royal family who backs the network hasn't done enough to prevent stonings that have occurred in the Middle East and that the network went easy on Osama bin Laden. All such accusations were seemingly treated as true by O'Reilly and Beck on Thursday night.

“How do you process it personally when you’re more loathsome to Al Gore than guys who glorify Osama bin Laden?” asked O’Reilly.

“I want that on my resume. It’s a badge of honor,” Beck answered. “(Gore) said that his network and Al Jazeera were launched on the same values – the network that was hiding information about Osama bin Laden. And beyond that, the people who started it, and launched it, stone women and homosexuals in their streets. Wow. I’m proud to not have the same cornerstone of values as Al Gore.”

See video of the interview below.

O’Reilly then asked: “You believe that Al Gore, in his mind, thinks that you’re more of a threat to the world than Al Jazeera?”

“I do absolutely believe,” said Beck, “that he is more in line with Al Jazeera than he is with anything that I would preach about American exceptionalism, American common sense, responsibility, hard work – hey, I live in Texas. Drill! You bet. I think he thinks I’m much more dangerous than Al Jazeera. He’s that insane.”

Beck described Al Jazeera as “an organization that, on the weekend, has a regular, like, Jesus show, except it’s all about Muhammad where they’re talking about, ‘oh please, Allah, give me the courage to stone the Jews to death. ‘”

“What’s the name of that show?” asked O’Reilly. “’Sticks and Stones will Break Your Bones,’ I think.”

“Yeah. And Al Jazeera will kill you,” Beck said.