Glenn Beck's Exit Prompts Fox News Attack on Media Matters (Video)

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“Fox News Watch” devotes a large portion of its show to criticizing the media watchdog group, which toasted Beck’s departure with a party.

A few days after Media Matters toasted Glenn Beck’s exit from Fox News Channel with a party in Washington, D.C., the network is attacking the media watchdog group.

On Saturday, half of Fox News Watch was focused on the group’s “guerrilla warfare” and whether its tax-exempt status should be allowed given its attacks on the news organization.

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“It described its purpose as charitable and educational,” host Jon Scott said of the group. But he then went on to cite data showing that 2,670 Media Matters stories focused on Fox this year, while only 66 were on CNN and 48 on MSNBC.

Panelist Judith Miller called the group’s mission “the worst-kept secret in America” and pointed to comments made by Media Matters founder David Brock that he was going to launch “a guerrilla war" on Fox.

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“Why should a guerrilla war be funded by taxpayers?” asked.

Fellow panelist Jim Pinkerton agreed.

“Guerrilla war and sabotage, is that what charities should be doing?” he questioned.

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Media Mattesr isn’t the only group cheering Beck’s exit. executive director Rashad Robinson told THR last week that his departure is a “huge victory.”

“It shows not only our base that when they come together that they can make a difference, but it helped advertisers be accountable for how they’re utilizing their dollar and it pushed Glenn Beck outside of the mainstream,” he said.

Fox News named talk show The Five as the network’s temporary replacement for Beck’s time slot just two hours before his final broadcast.

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Beck is turning his attentions from Fox News to his new live streaming video network GBTV, which debuts in September.

The conservative pundit announced in April that he was ending his Fox News show; his contract was due to expire at the end of this year.

Watch the Fox News Watch segment and Media Matters’ farewell party below.