Glenn Close 'Distraught' Over Cameo in 'Insulting' Navy Video

Glenn Close - Damages Episode Image - 2009
Courtesy of FX

The actress says she agreed to a "seemingly innocent request" while visiting the USS Enterprise more than four years ago.

The raunchy comedy videos that recently cost a Naval captain his job featured a cameo by Glenn Close, and she's none too happy about it.

On Tuesday, the Navy permanently removed Capt. Owen Honors from command of the carrier as a result of the videos, which included anti-gay slurs and sexual innuendo.

In a statement, Close said she visited the USS Enterprise more than four years ago and was given a "seemingly innocent request" to appear in a video.

"I am distraught that my image has been used to perpetuate something that I abhor," she said in a statement. "The cynical, unauthorized use of my image in this video is deeply offensive and insulting and was the result of a seemingly innocent request made during a visit to an aircraft carrier over four years ago."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.