Glenn Close Refused 'Air Force One' Scene That Made Her Vice President Character Look Weak

Air Force One Glenn Close

Glenn Close in 'Air Force One'.

The actress says she loved playing the tough, confident, steady-hand Kathryn Bennett.

Glenn Close says she refused to do a scene written in the 1997 political action thriller Air Force One that she felt made her vice president character look weak.

Talking to Vanity Fair about her illustrious career for a video posted Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated actress discussed playing Vice President Kathryn Bennett to Harrison Ford's President James Marshall.

In the film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, Air Force One is hijacked by a group of terrorists. Marshall, his family and assorted staff are aboard. Bennett is in Washington overseeing and commanding the situation.

"One thing I remember, they had a scene around that table where she broke down crying. And I said, 'I will not do that. I don't think that would happen. Not my vice president. My vice president would not break down into tears. She would step up to the challenge,'" Close said. "So they changed it."

The actress says she loved playing the tough, confident, steady-hand Bennett who is loyal to Marshall as others attempt to seize power amid the chaos of him fighting against the hijackers.

In reality, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif, just made history as the first female VP-elect alongside President-elect Joe Biden.

Watch Close's entire career video below.