Glickman: Digital protection a global issue


HONG KONG -- MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman stressed the importance of protecting digital content as the industry increasingly embraces it, speaking Thursday at the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia convention.

"The implementation of content protection solutions in the multinational distribution environment requires legislation, and enforcement to ensure compliance," Glickman said.

"It requires multinational cooperation to ensure that laws comply with international norms and treaties, to legally assure rights-owners of the ability to control the security and integrity of their creations as they are distributed," he added.

Glickman also stressed the importance consumer choice play in an environment providing multidistribution platforms.

"Consumers are embracing new distribution channels and so is the movie industry," Glickman said. "Our companies understand that in a consumer-driven market, we must reach the consumer in the way he or she consumes. That is why we must continue to look for new ways to provide consumers an array of entertainment options in forms they desire."