Glittery Eye Makeup Has a Moment at Saint Laurent Show

Saint Laurent Palladium - S 2016
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Saint Laurent Palladium - S 2016

Exclusive: Dakota and Elle Fanning's makeup artist breaks down Wednesday night's look.

Glitter eye makeup, a notoriously tough look to pull off, is having a moment this week. First Lady Gaga wore a sparkling red version to perform at the Super Bowl on Sunday, then it appeared on not only dozens of models walking in Wednesday night's Saint Laurent show, but on actress Elle Fanning in the front row.

“It’s funny, there’s a collective consciousness, a mood in the air,” Fanning’s makeup artist Erin Monroe tells Pret-a-Reporter. Though it may have looked as if the actress was let in on the evening’s rock ’n’ roll theme in advance, she was totally in the dark when she and Monroe conceived her look for the night.

“Her dress had all the sequins, so I wanted something on her face to make an impact that was kind of harmonizing,” says the artist who also gave Dakota Fanning a dramatic metallic cobalt eye look for the evening. Furthermore, she says, “We wanted it to look lived in and not too precise. Really it was just black smudged around her eyes, and I flicked on two glitters — gold and silver in different sizes — with a brush. It was very improvised.”

Meanwhile, Aaron de Mey was backstage working on the catwalkers, who also wore black liner — theirs in a cat-eye shape — and chunky multi-hued glitter. “We had no idea what the models’ makeup was going to be like on the runway, so it was a funny coincidence,” says the beauty guru who believes glitter can be worn at any age. “I recently saw a woman in her 60s and all she had on her face was a smattering of glitter on her eyes, and it looked really chic."

The key to making it work: keeping everything else minimal, says Monroe. On Elle, she skipped foundation, and only added cream blush and a stain on her lips. That concept is seconded by celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, whose clients include Jennifer Garner and Elizabeth Banks. “I think it looks coolest when the rest of the face is a little stripped down. You can do a contour or highlight but it should be subtle. A great lip color works as long as the skin has life to it and isn’t powdered to death,” she says. “Keep it cool and a little raw — that’s the key.”  


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