Global survey sees pay TV gain favor


The viewing of TV content continues to rise but is becoming more fragmented, according to a new study by consulting company Accenture, which also found consumers are more willing to pay for TV programming through a subscription model.

According to the survey of nearly 14,000 consumers in 13 countries — including such industrial leaders as the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan and such less-developed countries as Mexico, Brazil and Malaysia — TV viewership has grown since last year. In a sign of increased market fragmentation, also up is the portion of viewers watching six or more channels (40% vs. 35% in 2008) and watching eight or more programs a week (39% vs. 33%).

Meanwhile, the number of viewers willing to watch TV programs on a computer or mobile device has increased by 13% during the past year to 74% and 45%, respectively.

The survey also found that viewers are loyal to their favorite shows but not to the TV channels the shows are associated with, with 73% saying they watch some programs on more than one channel.

Despite the global economic downturn, consumers also appear more willing to pay for programming. For example, 49% of those surveyed indicated a willingness to pay for digital-service programming, compared with 40% who said they would prefer to watch ads in exchange for free content. (partialdiff)