Gloria Allred on Cosby Guilty Verdict: "Jury Finally Believed Women"


The attorney, who represents 33 women who have accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, praised her clients' bravery and the jury's decision.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 33 accusers of Bill Cosby, spoke to press following a guilty verdict being read in the retrial of the comedian's sexual assault case on Thursday morning in Norristown, Pennsylvania. 

"First of all, I want to thank the jury," Allred said, before emphatically adding, "Justice has been done!"

Earlier Thursday, the jury returned a guilty verdict on all three counts after 14 hours of deliberation.

After the guilty verdict was read and jurors left the courtroom, Cosby launched an expletive-ridden tirade and called the district attorney, Kevin Steele, an "asshole." As Steele argued to revoke bail, Cosby stood up and shouted, "I'm sick of him!"

Allred, surrounded by a group of women, praised the jury's decision and her clients' "great deal of courage" to come forward with their allegations against Cosby. "In the beginning, many were not believed. We are so happy that finally we can say, 'Women are believed,' and not only on #MeToo, but in a court of law where they were under oath, where they testified truthfully, where they were attacked, where they were smeared, where they were denigrated, where there were attempts to discredit them."

Last summer, in the first case, a different jury deadlocked and the court ultimately declared a mistrial.

"After all is said and done, women were finally believed, and we thank the jury so much for that," Allred reiterated.

Cosby currently remains free on bail until sentencing.

Watch the video below.