Gloria Allred Documentary Trailer Teases Powerful Fight for Women

Seeing Allred - Still 1 - Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of Netflix

'Seeing Allred,' which will have its world premiere at the upcoming Sundance film festival, is set to hit the streaming service on Feb. 9.

“There is a war on women,” suggests the first glimpse for Netflix’s Seeing Allred, a new documentary about feminist attorney Gloria Allred, the trailer for which debuted Monday. 

“Rich, famous, powerful men have to understand there are rules, there are boundaries,” Allred is heard saying of the recent rising allegations against men in Hollywood. “They must respect those boundaries. This has got to end right now.”

The documentary, which will make its world premiere at Sundance 2018, chronicles the life of the civil rights attorney and renowned feminist as she gives a candid narration of her career over the last 40 years, in which she overcame personal trauma and media scrutiny while defending women's rights.

“There is a war on women. Women must depend on me to be strong and to assert and protect their rights,” Allred says in the trailer. 

In the trailer, Allred’s high-profile cases and fights are highlighted, including her work on sexual assault cases, defending Bill Cosby's accusers and her push for transgender equality. “Power only understands power. Fighting injustice is a commitment I made many years ago,” Allred explains. “Women are now empowered, and they will never be silent again.”

Throughout her career, Allred has taken on Donald Trump, Cosby and Harvey Weinstein and become a strong force in the #MeToo movement. 

Sophie Sartain and Roberta Grossman directed the documentary on the outspoken attorney. Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends and who also currently produces Netflix’s Grace & Frankie, is a producer along with Grossman, Sartain, Robbie Rowe Tollin and Hannah KS Canter.

In light of the ongoing wave of sexual misconduct claims being made against powerful men, the filmmakers said they would work on the doc up until its Sundance premiere to include late-breaking allegations. “The filmmakers did notify us that they were going to continue shooting to add to the documentary as all of the allegations were breaking,” Sundance director of programming Trevor Groth told The Hollywood Reporter. “So, there is a real sort of timely quality to that film.”

“I feel fortunate that Seeing Allred captures my passion and battle for justice for many victims of injustice,” Allred said in a statement accompanying the announcement that the doc would air on Netflix. "The courage that my clients demonstrate, in speaking truth to power, inspires me every day as we fight together.”

Seeing Allred is set to hit the streaming service on Feb. 9.