Gloria Estefan Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Interaction With Maskless Fan

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The Grammy-winning singer credits vitamins and a strong immune system for avoiding the worst aspects of the disease but reveals she did lose her sense of taste and smell and urges people to wear masks.

Gloria Estefan has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 and spent two weeks in isolation in November after an interaction with a maskless fan on a rare outing.

The Grammy-winning singer says in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday that she contracted the disease caused by the novel coronavirus despite rigorously following public-health guidelines. Estefan said she has rarely left her home and, when she does, always wears a mask. She explains that at the end of October she went with members of her family to a local restaurant where they dined outdoors, but she stresses she and her family members wore masks "all the way to the table."

About six days later, she says, she began to notice that she couldn't taste her food or smell her soap, and three days later she tested positive for COVID-19. Estefan says the only way she thinks could have been exposed was through a brief interaction with a fan who, she says, wasn't wearing a mask and tapped her on the shoulder and was fairly close to her as they were speaking.

Estefan adds, "I even held my breath through their talk, but something must have happened there."

After she was diagnosed, Estefan spent two weeks in isolation on the second floor of her home, where, she says, she was fortunate that she didn't have many symptoms apart from "a little bit of a cough" and dehydration. She has since tested negative twice.

She credits vitamins and a strong immune system — and perhaps only being exposed to a small amount of the virus — with her not getting too sick.

“Fear was my biggest problem,” she says. “We’ve got to grab fear and shake it and just do whatever you can to keep your immune system as healthy as you can.”

And she urges people to wear masks and try to stay six feet away from others to protect themselves, particularly amid a "very big spike in Miami."