Gloria Steinem Reveals Her "Power Outfit"

Gloria Steinem - S 2015
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Gloria Steinem - S 2015

There’s a concha belt involved.

We've all got that one outfit — you know, the one that makes us feel invincible and strong or, as Lena Dunham puts it, like "the queen of business and a rad bitch."

In Friday's edition of Dunham and Jenni Konner's Lenny Letter newsletter, the Girls creator interviewed the woman, the myth, the legend Gloria Steinem and questioned her about her outfit to end all outfits. We have to say, the sheer simplicity of the feminism pioneer's "power outfit" is, like most things Steinem does, pretty badass.

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"Boots, pants, a sweater or a T-shirt. A concha belt," said Steinem, who also modeled her clit ring for Lenny Letter's Instagram. The 81-year-old activist added that if she didn't wear the concha belt, she would go for "something that’s Native American or Indian or something that has a resonance from the past, before patriarchy came along."

Steinem, who doesn't look a day over 75, also described her snack addiction ("Chai because it's sugar, and I'm addicted to sugar"), as well as her favorite curse word: "Fan-f—ing-tastic." Excellent choice, if you ask us.


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