Glover, Burnham, Oneal headlining Zoofest

Will do one-man shows at Just for Laughs festival

TORONTO -- Bo Burnham, Patrice Oneal and Donald Glover ("Community") are to headline the Just for Laugh festival's upcoming Zoofest series with one-person shows, organizers said Wednesday.

The Montreal yukfest plans in all 11 solo shows in July, with Oneal bringing his "Mr. P." showcase to town, Glover performing in "Gross," and YouTube sensation Burnham bringing his music-themed show "Words, Words, Words" after a breakout performance at Just for Laughs in 2008.

Also on tap for the Zoofest showcase is Noel Fielding in his first solo stand-up show, "The Mighty Boosh," and Bill Burr performing "You People Are All the Same."

Other Zoofest headliners include Phil Nichol with his third solo show, "A Deadpan Poet Sings Quiet Songs Quietly," and Jaime Kilstein taking the stage with "No War, No God, No Nickelback."

The improv troupe Upright Citizens Brigade will return to Montreal for the alternative comedy showcase, as will the Zoofest Comedy U.K. Edition, to feature 2009 Edinburgh comedy award winner Tim Key in "The Slutcracker, and Tom Wrigglesworth in "Tom Wrigglesworth's Open Letter to Richard Branson," based on real life events during a train ride.

Montreal's Zoofest showcase, which sees comics bringing more than their best seven minuts to Montreal, is set to run July 12-18 in Montreal.
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