Alison Brie Dishes on Her Favorite '80s Outfit From 'GLOW'

Courtesy of Netflix
Alison Brie and Marc Maron on 'GLOW'

Hint: It's in the eighth episode.

Alison Brie may wear a number of leotards for her lead role as a wrestler on Netflix's GLOW, but that's not all she rocked on the 1980s-set series.

Costume designer Beth Morgan tells The Hollywood Reporter that a lot of the show's clothes (including a mint Escada suit) were from "vintage stores, costume houses and vintage dealers that would send me things to look through." Morgan, who says she researched old JCPenney catalogs and looked at awkward family photos from the '80s, shopped at Recess, The Kit Vintage, The Way We Wore and Catwalk in L.A., as well as Meow in Long Beach.

"Clothes are not at the top of her list of concerns. She's more worried about research, her scene study, working hard to get to the next level," the designer says of Brie's character, Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who finds her last chance at stardom when she auditions for the first-ever women's wrestling TV show.

"We thought, 'How many pairs of jeans would Ruth really own? One or two,'" expresses Morgan. "She has two pairs, but she wears almost one the whole time."

Turns out, the denim pants were Brie's favorite clothing item from the show.

"I love Ruth's jeans," the actress tells THR, adding that her favorite outfit was in the eighth episode. "I love that little blue top that I wear throughout the episode. We kept trying to get it in episodes before that and I like that in that episode, she throws on her jeans and the purple Members Only jacket. That whole ensemble is my favorite."

Morgan notes that Ruth's wardrobe "has a masculinity to her in a way that she wants to be seen and heard and feel like she has a voice to make a difference. In this time period, where everyone's just reading for the secretary, she wants to be more." 

GLOW is streaming now on Netflix.

Jackie Strause contributed to this report.

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