GM Won't Advertise During the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI End Zone Play - H 2012
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Super Bowl XLVI End Zone Play - H 2012

Following its recent ad pull from Facebook, the automaker cites the high costs of commercials during the big game for its decision.

General Motors Co. won’t be advertising during the next Super Bowl as it continues to make changes in its global marketing plan.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GM’s global marketing chief Joel Ewanick says the decision was based on the costly amount for ad time during the game, an expense the company says it can’t justify at this time. Currently, 30-second spots during the game airing on CBS are selling for about $3.8 million each.

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The move is an unexpected one for the automaker, which is the third largest Super Bowl advertiser after Anheuser-Busch and PepsiCo. Ad-tracking firm Kantar Media places the amount GM has spent on Super Bowl spots between 2002-2011 at about $82 million. The last time the company pulled its advertising was in 2009 during a financial crisis. 

The announcement arrived just days after the company announced it would no longer advertise on Facebook. While the company says it isn’t cutting its advertising budget, it hopes to save more than $2 billion over the next few years by streamlining its ad production and using less creative agencies.

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This year, the company ran its "end of the world" promo for the Chevy Silverado during the game, which Ford wasn't very pleased about. Watch it below.