GM Places MTV's Skins on 'Do Not Buy' List


The Parents Television Council is now urging L'Oreal, Subway, Foot Locker not to sponsor the controversial show.

MTV's Skins is now on General Motors' "do not buy list," according the Parent Television Council.

"GM told PTC that Skins was on its ‘do not buy' list on MTV, and that MTV admitted placing the Chevy commercial on ‘Skins' in error. GM also stated that MTV had apologized for its error," the PTC said in a statement.
The group is now urging Schick Hydro, H&R Block, L'Oreal, Subway, Foot Locker, Orbit chewing gum and Extra chewing gum to stop advertising.
The companies companies "can rest assured that they will be hearing from PTC about their decision to sponsor the program," said PTC president Tim Winter. "Every single advertiser who sponsored the premiere episode of Skins is not only endorsing, but glorifying teen drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention a plethora of baseless sexual content.
The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Taco Bell pulled its ads from the controversial show.
Skins star Sofia Black-D'elia - who plays a lesbian teen on the MTV series - is defending the controversial content: "It's pushing the boundaries for teen drama because I think Skins goes where other shows are afraid to."