Godsick has dual posts at Walden, Fox


Fox Walden head Jeffrey Godsick is rejoining Fox Filmed Entertainment as executive vp marketing and digital content as part of the continued restructuring of the joint venture between the companies.

Godsick will retain his title at Fox Walden and continue to oversee the marketing of its slate of films. The goal is to use Fox's film marketing personnel resources, with Godsick reporting to Tony Sella and Pam Levine, co-presidents of marketing at Fox.

"I am incredibly proud of the marketing innovations we have accomplished at Fox Walden," Godsick said. "Pam and Tony have created a culture of innovation, and I am thrilled to be working with them and the entire Fox family as we continue to find unique ways to bring films to the marketplace."

Walden and Fox will continue to separately develop their family film slates but can offer each other the opportunity to partner in the financing and production of the films. When the teams combine, the films will be overseen by Fox Walden and distributed domestically by Fox but all under one roof.

Among the films under the Fox Walden label are "Tooth Fairy," starring Dwayne Johnson and Ashley Judd, which is filming, and "Ramona," which is in development with casting under way.

The change is just the latest in the Fox Walden venture created in 2006 that specializes in marketing G- and PG-rated family-friendly films under the label.

In January, Walden, which is owned by Anschutz Film Group, overhauled the company by laying off about a dozen creative and production executives at Walden Media and Bristol Bay Prods. The shift put Walden CEO Cary Granat in charge of overseeing its "Chronicles of Narnia"-related projects with Disney. They later brought in producer Michael Bostick as co-CEO to oversee the acquisitions and development of all other future Walden Media and Bristol Bay films. (partialdiff)