'And So It Goes' Trailer: Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton Bicker About Sex, Aging (Video)

Rob Reiner directs the romantic dramedy hitting theaters on July 11.

Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton exchange quips about sex and aging in the first trailer for Rob Reiner's romantic dramedy And So It Goes.

The film follows Oren (Douglas), a curmudgeonly realtor who suddenly finds himself in charge of the young granddaughter he's never met.

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Desperate, Oren turns to his neighbor (Keaton) for help, although he's not the best at buttering her up. "I have sold houses older than you, and in a lot worse condition," Oren tells her before claiming he meant it as a "compliment."

Oren clearly isn't known for his tact, as he mocks kids' haircuts and fires a paintball gun at a dog that is about to do its business on his lawn.

"Last time I had sex, it tore my ACL," Oren informs Keaton's character, causing her to rightfully question his flirting skills.

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Reiner -- director of seminal comedies When Harry Met Sally and This Is Spinal Tap -- helmed the film from a script by Oscar-nominated As Good as It Gets co-writer Mark Andrus.

This film reunites Reiner with Douglas, who starred in Reiner's The American President. The director's last film was little-seen 2012 indie The Magic of Belle Isle, starring Morgan Freeman.

Clarius Entertainment releases And So It Goes on July 11.

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