'Gold Rush' Star to Give Away His Gold Through Mobile Game

Todd Hoffman - Getty - H 2018
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The star of the Discovery reality TV show is giving away two ounces of gold worth $2,550 weekly for 12 weeks.

The former star of Gold Rush, a reality TV series on the Discovery Channel, will be giving a chunk of his own gold to the winners of a contest set to launch on mobile phones July 9.

Truly Social Games said Monday it partnered with Todd Hoffman — "the most famous gold miner on the planet" — for its mobile game called Planet Gold Rush.

The contest, dubbed The Todd Hoffman Challenge, will run for at least 12 weeks and the company will give away two ounces of gold weekly, worth about $2,550.

“I’m giving away my gold that I dug out of the ground as prizes every week,” said Hoffman. “It’s a way to reach out, get some gold into people’s hands and meet the fans."

The Todd Hoffman Challenge follows in the footsteps of HQ, a live trivia game from Intermedia Labs where winners split as little as $10,000 daily and sometimes more than $400,000 a day. That game is played by more than 1 million users daily and sometimes features celebrities asking the trivia questions — while also promoting their upcoming projects.

Unlke HQ, however, The Todd Hoffman Challenge is not live and can be played dozens of times daily with the users scoring the most points winning on a daily basis as well as on a weekly one.

"It’s a visceral thing. You get gold in your hand and it’s heavy; people start rolling it around and looking at it. It’s quite the experience," said Truly Social Games CEO Cooper DuBois.