'Breaking Bad's' Bryan Cranston Reacts to Globe Nom: 'I Don't Know When This Love Affair is Going to End'

Cranston was nominated for best drama actor, while his AMC series was shut out of the best drama category.

It's been mere hours since Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston's publicists called to tell him her was nominated for a best actor Golden Globe, and he's still processing the latest accolade.

"It's terrific," he says, chuckling with excitement. "I don't know when this love affair is going to end, but i imagine at some point Lady Luck will break up with me."

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Still, the morning wasn't altogether positive for Cranston and his celebrate AMC series, which failed to receive a best drama nomination. "Of course, it would have been nice," he admits of Breaking Bad's series snub.

"It just goes to show you that there’s an ebb and a flow," he continues. "We’re not intended, nor should we try to hold on to anything. Let it go. If it flows through, great. Enjoy it, embrace it and then let it go. That’s my philosophy."

As for what's next for the show and his role in it, Cranston is prepared to be as surprised as his adoring viewers as the series' creator Vince Gilligan crafts its final seasons. "I knew the broad strokes from the beginning that he's going from a good man to a bad man," he says, acknowledging that he reads each script a week before filming the episode. "It's such a journey that I decided to be on that ride, as opposed to try to orchestrate the journey."

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He admits he's curious to see how Gilligan plans to wrap up the show, but insists he has no plans to find out. "It's kind of like asking what your Christmas present is...you know you'll have a greater reward later if you don't know."