Golden Globes 2014 Man Hair: This Is How Jared Leto Got His Hipster Hair

Jared Leto Alex Ebert Golden Globes Split - H 2014
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Jared Leto Alex Ebert Golden Globes Split - H 2014

The actor took gold on Sunday night -- and came out on top in the tricky game of man buns.

Beards, buns and rat's nest-chic -- from the hills of Silver Lake to the wilds of Brooklyn, hipster hair is nothing new. But tonight, the same grizzled look that fills faux speakeasies and juice bars across the land turned up on the red carpet, too, in the form of Jared Leto's man bun and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros frontman Alex Ebert's uh, ball atop his head.

Leto, who picked up a Best Supporting Actor award for his work in Dallas Buyers Club, kept things classy while leaving his angsty musician vibe in tact. All Is Lost Best Original Score winner Ebert, on the other hand, legitimately looks like he jumped out of bed on Echo Park Avenue to start a day full of "figuring things out."  

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"He's been getting a lot of attention on his locks lately," said Leto stylist Chase Kusero, who works with the actor regularly and helped him achieve his sleek man bun on Sunday. "I wanted to do something that was elegant that also said rock and roll, an 'I did it myself' kind of look."

To achieve the natural vibe, Kusero boiled salt water, bottled it and let it sit for a day and a half before spraying it on Leto's hair for hold and texture. Then he misted him with Oribe Shine Spray ($38). 

"We definitely didn't want him to end up looking too much like a woman," Kusero said. "It was tricky to think of him wearing his hair down with a tuxedo."

So let the former My So Called Life star offer a lesson to band guys everywhere who find themselves on a red carpet/bar mitzvah dance floor/wedding party one day soon: You can indeed keep your street cred in tact while looking like you showered in the past week. 

Adds Kusero, "Jared's sleek, wet look is what distinguished between polished and not."


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