Golden Globes 2014: Michelle Dockery Wears Mustard -- Er, Gold -- To Host LoveGold Lunch

Michelle Dockery Lovegold - P 2014
Rob Latour/REX via AP

"Downton Abbey's" Lady Mary herself presided over a lunch at the Chateau Marmont's Selma House, with Anna Kendrick, Garcelle Beauvais and Keisha Whitaker

Every year, LoveGold -- aka the World Gold Council -- sets up an entire small house of gold jewelry at the Selma House at the Chateau Marmont , and shows the goods from designers, including Kimberly McDonald, all while hosting a party for a nominee. Last year, they feted Julianne Moore the night before she won her Golden Globe. This year, it was a lunch for Michelle Dockery.

The Downton Abbey star was absolutely resplendent in a slim cut over the knee black and gold (the day's theme) two-tone clingy sheath by British designer Barbara Casasola -- little known in the U.S. so far, but Michelle's chic stylist Micaela Erlanger (herself in an adorable tweed flared skirt by Stella McCartney and burgundy sky high Louboutins), thinks that won't last for long. Micaela said she is very happy with the way Michelle's awards week wardrobe is shaping up: "At the Globes, she'll be glamorous -- and at the SAGs, well -- you will be surprised! It will blow your mind!"

Anna Kendrick was on hand as well, going casual chic in a cream Vince Camuto perforated leather top and 1921 jeans, having just shot the musical Into the Woods with Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep for Chicago director Rob Marshall. "I am going to events this weekend," she told Pret-a-Reporter. "So my stylist is working as we speak." Dita von Teese, in a stunning burgundy dress, and Garcelle Beauvais, in fuchsia, were part of the mix, too.

Keisha Whitaker wore an amazing feathered hem cocktail dress by Antonio Berardi, who was in Los Angeles for one day this week (and it obviously worked out well). But she and husband Forest Whitaker are sitting out the Globes this weekend, as neither he nor Lee Daniels' The Butler were nominated. But they'll be at the SAG Awards next weekend.

Lots of fashion reporters and socialites were buzzing around the suite, before and after lunch, to check out the jewels -- and the outfits the celebs were wearing. Meanwhile, Dockery was doing what any self-respecting star would be doing at the end of a lunch in her honor --choosing Instagram filters of the photos to post for her friends.