What's Inside the Celebs' Golden Globes Clutches

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Kirsten Dunst, Brie Larson and Amy Adams

Makeup artists share the must-have products the stars are keeping handy on the red carpet.

Awards shows can be messy makeup affairs, with celebratory hugs, kisses, tears of joy — and sometimes sadness, too. Here’s what the top artists are stashing in A-listers' clutches when they hit the red carpet to keep their faces flawless and close-up-ready throughout the night.

Pati Dubroff on Kirsten Dunst

“A Chanel lipstick, a powder puff and Q-tips. That was all I could give Kirsten to fit in her bag. I was like, ‘a concealer!’ and she said, ‘There’s no room.’ ”

Rachel Goodwin on Brie Larson

“This is the Golden Globes, so there will be drinks going on. I left Brie with a Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine in Script ($37), which is my new obsession. She is wearing one tonight. It’s a nice lipstick to wear to an event like this, because you can talk and drink and it’s not high maintenance. I gave her some blotting papers, which I always do, and a couple of Q-tips.”

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Stephen Sollitto on Amy Adams

“I put a teeny bit of the NARS Audacious lipstick in Raquel ($32) in Amy’s clutch. I buy these little lip containers and I always slice off a piece and hand it to every girl I work with. They don’t need a whole other lipstick — they get so many along the way, they just need to dip in and take a swab and make sure they look fresh for the night.”

Elaine Offers on Julianne Moore

“I gave Julianne a few pieces of gum and little toothpicks. I know she’s not going to eat, but I say, ‘Just take them anyways.’ I give her a clean mascara wand so she can brush her brows, and she took her L’Oreal lipstick, of course. I folded up a couple blotting papers because she didn’t present until the end of the night.”