Chrissy Teigen Scores the Perfect Classic Nude Mani

Courtesy of Essie

Celebrity artist Kimmie Kyees riffed on Teigen's shimmery Marchesa gown.

When it came to model Chrissy Teigen’s manicure for the Golden Globes on Sunday night, celebrity artist Kimmie  Kyees’ work was already half done. “I did Chrissy's nail extensions for her trip to the White House a few days ago, so I only did a color change today,” says Kyees of the model and new mom, who traveled with her crooner husband John Legend to Washington, D.C., to bid the Obamas farewell Friday night. “I only did a color change today.”

“So much goes into color selection for these events,” says Kyees, who agreed with Teigen that a “nice, opaque nude” would be the best choice for Teigen’s look, playing up her shimmering Marchesa gown and makeup. The winning shade? Essie’s Topless and Barefoot ($9).

“If you’re trying to achieve this look and want the length as well, buying a full-coverage press-on is a good option,” says Kyees, who first met the model while she was pregnant with daughter Luna. “It's always fun working with Chrissy. John and the baby are always home,” says Kyees. "Something is always cooking, and there is tons of laughter and fun.”