The Secret to Achieving Brie Larson’s Radiant Red Lips

Brie Larson

Her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, shares her pro tips.

Brie Larson’s experience — and wins — during last awards season showed in the way she confidently presented herself at Sunday’s Golden Globes, in a bold red Rodarte gown, with Old Hollywood waves and a ravishing crimson lip. Matching the actress’ pout to her dress was a decision makeup artist Rachel Goodwin made when she first saw the shade Larson would be wearing.

“It made me really happy. That’s the first thing I felt was instinctively right for that look — I didn’t want it to be too vivid or bright, I wanted it to have depth and a richness to it, kind of playing off the embellishments in the dress versus just the fabric.” She opted for a NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil one shade deeper: Mysterious Red ($26). “It had this incredibly glamorous feeling that I loved.”

Such a bold shade would seem prone to smudging, especially throughout a full day of red-carpet photos, sitting in the ballroom and presenting an award. But Goodwin has a surefire secret for ensuring the lip looks she creates have lasting power. “I layer. I use a pencil, then powder, and then I layer lipstick on top and I blot. So it’s definitely not just one swipe of lipstick.” Furthermore, “a really great tips is using a waterproof pencil all over the entire lip as a base for your red lip. It adds hours [to the look].”

In addition to sending Larson off with her lipstick, Goodwin also gives her girls (Emma Stone included) tiny Beauty Blender sponges and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($29) with a Q-tip. “Anything that happens they can just touch up with that instead of powdering — it has a really nice finish and cleans up if things are falling under the eyes, or if they need to fix the edges of the lip.”