This is What Stars Carry in Their Clutches on the Carpet

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Oil blotting sheets are in, iPhones are out when it comes to awards night clutch contents. Here's what else stars pack in their purses when hitting the red carpet.

When prepping a starlet for a major night like the Golden Globes, a makeup artist’s job may last an hour or two. But the makeup itself has to last all night, which begs the question, just how do they make sure their actress stays flawless after they part ways?

Well, their beauty gurus attempt to stuff as many emergency products — carefully repackaged in tiny containers — as possible in those teeny evening bags. “These clutches are very, very small,” says Fiona Stiles, who works with Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Banks. “If I’m lucky, maybe the publicist will carry something, and I can sneak in a lipstick and lip brush. A lot of times it’s the bare minimum. They’re like, ‘Oh, but my phone!’ ”

Adds makeup artist Kirin Bhatty (who works with Jessica Pare, Kiernan Shipka and Jenny Slate), “It varies from girl to girl, but I usually give them a small jar with their lip color inside, a few disposable brushes or a retractable one, a small powder puff with just a hint of pressed powder in their shade or a few oil-blotter sheets.”

When she’s able, Stiles gives her ladies individually wrapped cotton swabs to use in case of tears or an eye makeup disaster. Additionally, “I give them a lip brush with a cap, a swipe of their lipstick in a small container, blotting papers and sometimes a little tissue full of loose powder and a little powder puff.”

Stiles says a couple extra bobby pins usually go in the clutch for an updo, and if there’s a possible nip-slip situation, extra double-stick tape.

Really, what makes it in the bag depends on the person. “Some people’s makeup never changes, but for some 10 minutes after they leave they’re greasy or they eat their lipstick. If one thing goes in, it’s lipstick,” says Stiles. Bhatty seconds that: “Having your lip on you, be it nude or high intensity, is important because it’s the easiest way to touch up and revitalize your whole look. Also, the margin for error is small — applying lip color with your finger is easy and works amazing. I want the touch-up process to be as effortless as their red-carpet moment.”



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