Golden Globes: Benedict Cumberbatch Cut Off by Ryan Seacrest While Complimenting 'Selma'

AP Images/Invision

The E! host stops the actor midsentence to throw to Giuliana Rancic and George Clooney

Benedict Cumberbatch was in the midst of complimenting David Oyelowo and Selma at the Golden Globes when Ryan Seacrest cut off his interview to throw the E! red-carpet cameras to Giuliana Rancic and George and Amal Clooney.

Cumberbatch and Oyelowo are both nominated for best actor in a motion picture, as are both of their films, The Imitation Game and Selma, respectively. When Seacrest asked Cumberbatch what movie he watched on the plane coming over from the U.K., Cumberbatch began to praise Selma, calling it "extraordinary."

"David Oyelowo is phenomenal, the whole movie is phenomenal," said Cumberbatch, adding, "Such an important story, so that's what —" but then Seacrest stopped him. "Could be a big night for you tonight," he said, wishing Cumberbatch good luck and then throwing to Rancic.

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Rancic was trying to get Clooney to take a shot of tequila as Amal looked on. Clooney declined, and Rancic took the shot herself.

Luckily, there was more Cumberbatch to come once the show started and he jumped onstage to present with Jennifer Aniston.