'Lincoln's' Daniel Day Lewis on Bill Clinton's Golden Globes Appearance: 'What an Incredible Privilege'

Daniel Day-Lewis - Actor - Lincoln - P 2012

The actor said he felt "very honored" to have spoken with the president backstage at Sunday's awards ceremony.

Film and television's brightest stars found themselves overshadowed during Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony, for a few brief moments at least, by a surprise appearance from President Bill Clinton.

The former commander in chief stepped into the spotlight to pay tribute to friend Steven Speilberg and his nominated film, Lincoln.

Speaking with reporters backstage, Lincoln star Daniel Day Lewis was still in awe of Clinton's words -- even having known about the surprise moment ahead of time.

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"Even knowing it, it was still amazing to hear him," Lewis said. "I haven't had a chance to find a corner somewhere and just reflect on that moment when he spoke about our film, and I was very honored to have a conversation with him afterwards and to hear his thoughts about the man about his achievements."

Asked to sum up his response to Clinton's remarks, Lewis added: "I wouldn't wish to try and put that in a sentence or two, but yes, what an incredible privilege to have him, a Lincolnian scholar in his own right, to speak in that way."

Much like Adele expressed delight at being a fish out of water during her Globes acceptance speech, Lewis thought maybe Clinton felt a bit out of his element in Hollywood, as well.

"I went to the correspondents dinner this year, and I dare say I felt utterly bewildered by that experience as he probably does about this, although he's been around," Lewis said. "It was an unforgettable thing for us that he took the time to do that this evening."