Golden Globe Fashion: Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence Wear Orange Dior Couture

Golden Globes Jennifer Lawrence Marion Cotillard - P 2013
Getty Images

Why would the house of Dior allow both Golden Globe nominees to wear similar hues with black belts?

Of all the colors we didn't expect to see at the Golden Globes it was persimmon, sorbet orange. And yet the house of Dior and its designer, Raf Simmons, put two Globe nominees, Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard, in the summery color -- both with black slender belts. Both dresses being couture, this means both were made for these two women. Why would they create two dresses in such similar shades, with black accents to boot?

Of course, both women are associated with the famed French house in terms of advertising and branding so it's no surprise either -- or both -- would wear the venerable brand. And while they both look good in the shade -- and toned down their makeup and jewelry to let the blazing color shine -- it does seem a little weird. They were both wearing Chopard jewelry, too.

Cotillard's dress has an asymmetrical hem and is more avant-garde and high fashion, whereas Lawrence's strapless ball gown with belt is much more traditional. Given all the edgy looks Lawrence has worn in previous weeks, this princess dress is a complete 180.

There isn't a lot of color at the Globes this year; black and white seem to be the standout colors, for the most part, so it's a conundrum how Dior would let them wear such a similar -- and very strong -- shade.