Golden Globes Fashion: Jessica Chastain's Evolving Fashion is 'Like Changing for a Role'

69th Annual Golden Globes Jessica Chastain Red Carpet - P 2012

69th Annual Golden Globes Jessica Chastain Red Carpet - P 2012

The star of "The Help" tells THR how her Givenchy Golden Globe gown made the evening calm for her.

Even though it seems like she's already a movie veteran, actress Jessica Chastain is having her first go-round at the Golden Globes. She's worn a lot of great -- and diverse -- dresses so far during awards season, but her white beaded Givenchy gown at the Globes, complete with thin gold metal belt, really stood out and took her to a whole other level, fashion-wise. Here's what she told The Hollywood Reporter about her choice, much influenced by her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart (who also dressed Viola Davis):

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"I love this gown," said Chastain, "because it combines elements of old Hollywood with lots of modern bits, like the zipper down the back goes to the floor and the metal gold belt is a real modern touch, too. I love these shiny little stones all over it! I've really come to love fashion throughout this whole process this year. And you know why? Because changing the way you look is like changing for a role -- you change your whole personality every time. It's all emotion in the end! I wouldn't want to play the same kind of part all the time, and I don't want to repeat a look. I'm very calm right now, and I think it's because I'm wearing this dress. I'm sure I'll start shaking again when I'm inside the Hilton ballroom, but right now, I'm very calm. That's the power of a dress."

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Chastain wore very pale makeup in shades of violet and pink, and her hair down and smooted, with a bit of height and teasing to dress up the look.