Golden Globes Fashion: Lena Dunham Goes Elegant in Burgundy Satin Gown (Poll)

Golden Globes Lena Dunham - P 2013
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The funniest young woman on TV hopes that her win will prove to "every woman who doesn't think there is a place for her" that there is.

Girls creator, actor, writer and director Lena Dunham admitted on the Golden Globes red carpet that she would rather be at home, sitting on her bed, eating dim sum and reading the tweets of her followers and fans of her HBO series, which aired tonight.

No such luck. Instead she was all gee-gawed up in a burgundy satin off-the-shoulder gown -- one of her best red carpet choices so far. 

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But she admitted to E!'s Ryan Seacrest on the carpet that she had been instructed by her stylist to pull the gown down and shift it. "My breast has a tendency to shift to the left so I have to pull the gown to the right to fight it."

Hey, when you've just beaten every female in the TV comedy arena, who cares what body part is shifting around?

Dunham topped all the influential female players in comedy at the Globes in the Best Actress in a TV Comedy category -- and her show won Best Comedy.

Accepting her awards, she got a little teary, saying, "I thought I'd be a cooler customer if this ever happened, and I didn't think it would. This award is for every woman who ever felt like there wasn't a place for her."

Hope she gets her dim sum tonight. Just don't get any on that keepsake Globes dress.