Golden Globes Grooming: Liev Schreiber's Five O'Clock Shadow Is Perfect

Liev Schreiber - P 2015

Liev Schreiber - P 2015

His Groomer, Cervando Maldonado, breaks down the star’s stubble. Hint: timing is everything.

The facial hair on Sunday’s carpet went from one extreme — it’s the year of the beard, after all — to the other: baby-soft and clean-shaven. Liev Schreiber, however, struck the perfect balance with his just-right five o’clock shadow. “To me it’s very masculine and handsome,” says the Ray Donovan star’s groomer Cervando Maldonado

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“It was really just two or three days of him not shaving, so it’s effortless and a little more relaxed,” he explains of the look that wasn’t “planned” per se. “He just walked down and that was that,” says Maldonado. “I don’t question it; he looked fantastic.” 

To achieve just the right amount of stubble, Maldonado advises starting by shaving clean, and then letting the hair grow for several days. Or, for existing scruff, “use a number one or two on a nice pair of clippers.” 

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Essential, he says, is a good moisturizer. “When you have a little bit of hair on your face it can make the skin drier, so rub a pea-sized amount (I like Kiehl’s) into your fingertips, and pat it onto the face, chin and neck—you always want to apply the moisturizer on the neck too, so the skin looks nice and even.” 

While Maldonado didn’t need to touch Schreiber’s scruff, he says sculpting the face is easy with a tiny pair of peanut clippers and some shrewd trimming. “If you take it down underneath the chin going toward the neck it gives the illusion of you having a stronger jaw, or you can take it in for a more defined cheek or to bring out the lips,” says the hairstylist. “A beard can do a lot to a face, especially when it’s not full.”

On Schreiber, he thinks this barely-there look perfectly fit the occasion: “Instead of being really formal and shaving it’s nice to have a little stubble. It looks sexy, adds some ruggedness to the suit and gives the look a little edge.”