Crystal Ball: Hollywood's Top Stylists Predict the Golden Globes Carpet

David Webb Pre-Golden Globes Luncheon - H 2014
Courtesy of David Webb

David Webb Pre-Golden Globes Luncheon - H 2014

What will Helen Mirren, Lupita Nyong'o and Taylor Schilling wear to Sunday's Globes? Their stylists offer some insight.

The Hollywood Reporter co-hosted a pre-Golden Globe lunch on Jan. 8 with luxe jewelry brand David Webb at the Polo Lounge -- with the intent of getting a lot of the major celebrity stylists together for a bit of calm (and champagne) before the storm of Globes fittings this week -- and to show them some chic baubles at the same time.

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A few stylists left with jewelry in their bags -- not only to dress up their clients for the Globes, but all the pre- and after parties. We've heard of actresses who are asking for cocktail attire and lunch looks for up to six different events! Call it stylist insomnia.

We took this opportunity to ask a number of stylists their 2014 predictions -- not for world events, but for Golden Globe fashion. Hey, we've got our priorities straight.

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Lee Harris, stylist to Helen Mirren (a Golden Golden nominee for her role in Phil Spector) and Drew Barrymore, told THR he hopes to see a lot more color on the carpet.

"There's been so much focus on white and metallics. And I'm hoping to see more jewelry. It's been so less-is-more for a few seasons. And of course I miss the days of people taking risks," said Harris. "I loved it when Drew did that big Angie Dickinson hair! I feel like everyone's so worried about worst dressed lists, they miss the joy of dressing up. One thing we will definitely see: designer names more spread out. Each brand is sending out fewer and fewer gowns, and only to a select few. I find the designers are each focusing on two or three actresses -- and if they don't dress them, they don't bother."

Micaela Erlanger, stylist to Lupita Nyong'o, arrived in L.A. at 3 a.m. with 12 trunks of clothes, but still looked great in her McQueen skirt, J. Crew blouse and bright green leather Badgley Mishka leather jacket.

Her Globe style predictions? "I think it will go in two different directions: bold striking colors, but in simpler more architectural shapes. The lines will have more simple elegance -- all in all, the Globes will be more cool," said Erlanger.

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Penny Lovell, in a black and rose print vintage dress, is dressing Black is the New Orange star Taylor Schilling and Downton Abbey actress Laura Carmichael (who plays Lady Edith) among others. Her silhouette expectations: "More pared down -- and definitely slinkier."

Stylist sisters Wendi and Nicole Ferreira (clients include Octavia Spencer, Channing Tatum, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges) are also feeling a more minimalist aesthetic.

"But with an interesting structure," said Wendy. "It will still catch your eye and be very architectural." Nicole added, "Looking at spring, there was a lot of black and white, but the Emmys were all blush and colorless. So I'm thinking color -- if it's vivid and minimal -- and stark."

Well, these are the people dressing the stars -- so expect to see a lot minimalist shapes in stark deep colors this Sunday. If anyone can call it on the carpet -- it's celebrity stylists.