Golden Globes: Andy Samberg, Sandra Oh Take Aim at Kevin Hart's Oscars Controversy

Samberg joked that "one lucky audience member" will host the 2019 Academy Awards, which still has yet to name a host.

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, the co-hosts of the 2019 Golden Globes, wasted no time taking aim at Kevin Hart's Oscars debacle. The duo opened the show and, almost immediately, Samberg told the star-studded crowd that "one lucky audience member will host the Oscars."

Samberg then admitted that "some of you may be wondering why" he and Oh were chosen to host this year's Globes. "And the reason is we're the only two people left in Hollywood who haven't gotten in trouble for saying something offensive," Oh added, seemingly referencing Hart's past homophobic tweets that got him fired by the Academy after he refused to apologize.

Samberg then took the joke a bit further. "Sandra, that reminds me. You know what race of people really gets under my skin?" he said, which prompted Oh to try and stop him from finishing his sentence. But Samberg finished the punchline by saying, "The Hollywood half-marathon...because it messes up all the traffic, you know?"

After a sigh of relief, Oh responded, "Oh, yeah. I hate that race...of people." Samberg and Oh then acknowledged that they are known for being "the two nicest people in showbiz," but also said they intended to roast the stars in attendance at Sunday night's ceremony, held at Beverly Hills' Beverly Hilton.

After promising a lighthearted show, their "roast" included calling Spike Lee "Mr. Do the Right Thing" and saying Bradley Cooper is "hot." Joked Samberg, "This is live on television! No take backs!"

Hart previously stepped down as Oscars host after the resurfacing of past homophobic tweets. The Academy gave him an ultimatum — apologize or step down — and he chose the latter. On Friday, he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he opened up about his decision and said he is "evaluating" reprising his role as the 2019 Oscars host after DeGeneres called the Academy to vouch for him.

Both Hart and DeGeneres have since been largely criticized by prominent black and LGBTQ figures — including CNN host Don Lemon — for the attempt at redemption. The Academy has yet to name a host for this year's Oscars, scheduled to take place Feb. 24.

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