Golden Globes going live

NBC won't tape delay for West Coast

The Golden Globes will be live in Hollywood.

NBC has made the decision to air the kudos show live throughout the country, instead of tape-delaying the 5 p.m. event by three hours on the West Coast so it can air in primetime.

The Globes have traditionally been delayed on the West Coast so the network airing them could get a bigger bump in a later slot. But execs made the calculus that with online news and even leaked video of the show being more frequently being viewed before the show began in the Pacific time zone, it made sense to simply go live.

In announcing the decision, HFPA chief Jorge Camara noted that the awards now played in a world where "news is disseminated with increasing rapidity."

The HFPA and the network also announced Thursday that the 2010 telecast will be aired on Jan. 17; nominations will be announced Dec. 15.

The date for the show comes nearly a week later than this year's telecast, slightly expanding the pre-Globe campaign period for studios. The new date will not interfere with the Sundance Film Festival, which is set to begin Jan. 21, a week later than it has in recent years.

The Globes date does mean that the show and the SAG Awards will run on consecutive weekends; the actors group moved its show up by a week next year to air on Jan. 23.

It also means that the Oscar-nominating period will still be open for nearly a week after the Globes winners are announced.

The Academy Awards has pushed back its nomination deadline and will air later than in recent years -- the ceremony will be telecast on March 7, nearly two weeks after its date this year, to avoid running up against the Winter Olympics.