Golden Globes: Mel Gibson Uncomfortably Skewered Over Drinking, Anti-Semitic Remarks by Ricky Gervais

In a bleeped moment, the host asked the 'Lethal Weapon' star "What the f— does 'sugar tits' even mean?"

Mel Gibson made an appearance at the 73rd annual Golden Globes and it was a little rough as host Ricky Gervais poked fun at him for his past drunken anti-Semitic comments. 

Gervais said he blamed NBC for allowing the pair to be on stage again together and then said, "Mel blames ... we all know who Mel blames."

However, Gervais then said he would rather spend the night drinking with Gibson than Bill Cosby. 

Before Gibson was able to present, Gervais came back on stage and asked Gibson "What the f— does 'sugar tits' even mean?," alluding to the the words Gibson called a female police officer after he was arrested for a DUI in 2006. 

Gibson presented a clip for Mad Max: Fury Road, which was nominated for best picture, drama. The actor starred in the original films. 

Gibson has been somewhat out of the public eye following his 2006 DUI arrest during which he went on an anti-Semitic tirade directed toward police. 

Gervais wasn't quite done with Gibson, though. 

At the very end of the show, Gervais signed off with: "For me and Mel Gibson, shalom."