Golden Globes: The Parties

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Rounding up the sights and sounds of this year's post-show parties.

The Golden Globes on Jan. 16 at the Beverly Hilton stood out in many ways this year. There was the wide spectrum of attendees — Steven Spielberg, Temple Grandin, Angelina Jolie, Jack Kevorkian and Al Pacino among them — who would expand any guest list’s range. There was the maxing out of the hotel and adjoining grounds with a record seven parties, where the pro/con Ricky Gervais-as-emcee discussion could be continued. And it was done within the Globes’ patented atmosphere of serious-with-a-wink. “Awards are not the main course in a career,” winner Jane Lynch said, “but they’re a delicious dessert.”


Did Helena Bonham Carter realize she walked the Golden Globes red carpet wearing one red-satin-strap Mary Jane and a bright green one? “If this was a mistake, I’d not only be color blind, I’d be in total bad taste,” quipped The King’s Speech actress, who wore a wild plaid Vivienne Westwood dress. “Bad taste isn’t bad taste if you choose it.”

Glee Globe winner Jane Lynch was spotted with wife Lara Embry outside the Hilton after the show, and to get back into parties, she was asked to show her ticket. She simply held up her statuette, and of course security let her through. Asked at the Fox party how being known as Sue Sylvester has changed her life as she probably can’t go anywhere in public, the actress laughed and said, “I can — I just have to wear makeup.”

Two of the first to arrive at the ceremony were The Fighter producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. “It’s amazing we could get away tonight,” Hoberman said. “We’re shooting the new Muppets movie right now. From boxers to muppets — who would ever think?” Starring in both wildly different films: Amy Adams.

Tom Hanks was having a particularly fun night at the HBO afterparty, not having to compete in acting categories this year. “I have a better time at awards shows as a producer than as an actor,” he said. “I don’t have to make any pithy speeches, and I can relax and have fun with my wife. My son Colin is about to become a father — which means I’m about to become a grandfather. That’s what’s making me sweat through my shirt tonight.”

Mark Ruffalo told THR during the BAFTA/LA Tea Party at the Four Seasons on Jan. 15, of his The Kids Are All Right co-stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore: “I’ll be lucky if I get to work with two women that talented again. I was proud to be their bimboy. But I wouldn’t do it for just anybody.”

THR asked Critics’ Choice and Globes best actor winner Colin Firth about his fashion loyalty to his A Single Man director Tom Ford:  “He’s been checking in with me frequently during the whole King’s Speech experience, like a proud dad,” Firth said during the BAFTA/LA Tea Party on Jan. 15. “Today I’m cheating on Tom and wearing an Alexander McQueen suit, but I do have on a Tom Ford shirt. Mostly I do wear Tom’s clothes. He’s a master.” Firth did wear Ford to the Globes, and we expect he’ll follow suit for the Oscars. After all, Ford has been lucky for him.

The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper isn’t sure what film is next in the line of succession for him. “I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I can promise you I’ll be working hard to make sure there is something great soon,” he said at the Relativity/Weinstein afterparty.

Now that Mila Kunis has broken with boyfriend Macaulay Culkin, she’s fair game, and a lot of male stars were making a beeline. Jeremy Renner spent much of his time at the InStyle/Warner Bros. party chatting her up — no one else could get his attention, not even reporters. Let’s see whether they’re together at the SAG Awards in two weeks.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter have known each other since they both wrote for The Sopranos. So how did Weiner feel when Winter beat him for best TV drama series? “I came to pretend I’m happy for him,” he joked at the HBO party.

Quentin Tarantino showed up just for the afterparties and admitted he fast-forwarded through NBC’s telecast of the awards. “I cherry-picked the show on TV,” he said at Relativity/Weinstein.

William Lauder, head of Estee Lauder, flew into L.A. for the weekend to spend time with Carlos actor and nominee Edgar Ramirez and his family visiting from Venezuela. Is a deal brewing for Ramirez to be the new face of Lauder men’s products? That’s what we hear …

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