Golden Globes 2012: The Party List

Golden Globes InStyle Party Interior 2011 - P 2012
Alexandra Wyman

Everyone from Sony and The Weinstein Co. to Paramount and Warner Bros./InStyle will be celebrating, and THR's created a guide to the award show's pre, during and after-parties.

Both the beauty and the madness of the Golden Globe after-parties is there are between 4,000 and 5,000 guests shuttling around the Beverly Hilton to the six fiestas on multiple levels being thrown around the hotel. Intimate and quiet it is not. “There’s too many parties,” says Jackie Collins. “You always feel you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.” On the other hand, what’s wrong with an excess of riches? Globe night offers that rare mixing of the TV and film tribes; the annual struggle by the BevHilton to come up with reasonable quality of food for an unreasonable amount of people (mass produced sushi has become the staple); plus a chance to use texting and Twitter for the use God intended: determining when each party is hitting it’s peak.

Here are some of the events happening during the week and on the night of the Globes:

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Wednesday, Jan. 11
The Weinstein Co. – at the Chateau Marmont. They’ve got the strongest roster of award contenders (The Artist, My Week With Marilyn, Iron Lady), plus Harvey Weinstein has always been a big believer in parties as an integral part of an award campaign.
People's Choice Awards – at the Nokia Theater. This is primarily for the fans. It draws a decent mix of film, music and televisions stars. It airs live on CBS. Not an event execs usually attend. There’re no after-parties.

Thursday, Jan. 12
The Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics' Choice Awards -- at the Palladium. This is now established as a major event with a strong turnout of both execs and stars. It hasn’t spawned any major after-parties yet, but that should develop in the next few years.
Friday, Jan. 13
Paramount Pictures – on the lot. This is the studio’s Globe party that topper Brad Gray hosts. They don’t have one on the night-of. The big draws will be Martin Scorsese (Hugo) and Steven Spielberg (The Adventures of Tin Tin.)
Rosa Loy Art Opening Private Dinner – at the Michael Kohn Gallery. The Gagosian gallery has been doing this for years during Oscars week. Now the Kohn Gallery is doing it for Globes week: have a big opening dinner while all the heavy hitters are in town for an awards night. Mike Ovitz is said to be making a rare appearance, as is Will Kopelman, who is now Drew Barrymore's fiance. 
Vanity Fair – at Cecconi's. This is for DreamWorks’ The Help and War Horse. The party is put on by the magazine's advertising side, so it doesn’t have the same cache – or guestlist -- as its Oscar party.

W Magazine – at Chateau Marmont. This is the fashion magazine's annual pre-Globes party. It ties in with their Best Performances issue. Emphasis is on stars with a fashion sense; not as big with execs.

American Film Institute's AFI Awards -- at the Four Seasons. This is the luncheon at which the AFI presents the certificates for best creative ensembles of 2011 in film and TV. It's a relatively small, but classy event.
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Saturday, Jan. 14
BAFTA Tea – at the Four Seasons Hotel. This is the organization’s annual Award Season Tea Party. Obviously, it’s a big event for Brit nominess. Relatively low-key with a guest list that highlights how many UK workers there are in Hollywood.
Green Carpet Challenge – Brunch at the SoHo house for the environmental group Colin Firth and his wife, Livia, support.

Spirit Award Brunch –  BOA Steakhouse. It’s for the nominees at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, which is held Feb. 25. Grants will be made to filmmakers.
Sunday, Jan. 15 (After the Globes)

The Weinstein Co.  -- This should be a hot party, held in the former Trader Vic's. Harvey’s got a strong list of nominees and has the best shot at having reason to celebrate.
Warner Bros. InStyle – In a tent set near the conference area, this is always a lavishly done party. It probably has the largest budget of any of the after-parties. The star guest list goes out to the Warner nominees (Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio top the list) and to actors who have a relationship with the magazine.

Sony – In the 8th floor Stardust Room. This includes Sony Classics, which has 10 nominations and a good shot to win with A Separation for Best Foreign Film. The parent studio’s big film is Moneyball. This can be the most problematic space for a party (taking elevators and the shape of the room) but if they win, as the studio did last year with Social Network, none of that matters.

HBO – Poolside. The cable company has used this outdoor space for years and it works perfectly for them. Plus they have a loyal group of stars who always come here first. Steve Buscemi, Laura Dern and Paul Giamatti are some of them, with the big draw being Martin Scorsese (Boardwalk Empire) who talent love to meet.
NBC Universal –  Held on the garage roof, the party's big draw is Bridesmaids, which looks strong in the Film Comedy/Musical category. Also the NBC side has Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. This is also a viewing party.
Fox – Celebrating Fox Broadcasting (Glee, New Girl), 20th Television (Modern Family, Homeland), FX (American Horror Story) and Fox Searchlight (six film noms), the party is set in a tent adjacent to the former May Co. The downside is it’s a ways to walk to. The upside is the catering can be done by someone other than the Hilton, which can add some variety to the night’s dining.

CAA – the agency has a major guestlist of nominees and many of them want to get out of the Hilton as soon as the award show is over, so they'll escape to the Sunset Tower. This is as much of a safe haven as it is a post-party.