Major Fashion at Pre-Globes Parties: Colorful Jennifer, Amy and Marion

Marion Cotillard, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence - globe parties - split
Getty Images

Just when you think you can't have multiple fashion highs, there's a chicer dress than the last, on an actress with completely different hair and makeup than she had two hours ago.

How are these actresses pulling this off? On Friday night, W magazine had their annual pre-Globe fashion fest at the Chateau; on Saturday, the BAFTA tea at the Four Seasons Doheny was followed by a Weinstein Co. party at Mr. C, and it was all capped off by a private party for Julianne Moore given by The World Gold Council at the new Selma House at the Chateau Marmont. And a number of major actresses went to all of them, changing not only their looks and lengths, but their hair and makeup to go with it. Every stylist and hair and makeup artist in town is obviously working overtime this weekend. Oh, and there was the LA Film Critics too, on top of it all.

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard were leaving bodies in their wake, killing it -- yes, killing it -- in various designer looks that were so wildly divergent, colorful and chic, that it was a crazy feast for the eyes.

Let's just pick one event among many -- say, the W magazine annual pre-Globes party Friday night. No actress wants to be a frump at a fashion-magazine fete, but this trio just simply brought it. Lawrence looked sleek and sexy and modern in an ocean blue Victoria Beckham sheath with open shoulders that quite simply made whatever "hunger games" she's playing worth it. Her auburn-ish hair, the color of the day, was a knockout. Wisely, she didn't wear a lot of makeup with this strong, smart color. This weekend is her fashionista playbook, and she's doing stylist Rachel Zoe very proud. 

Adams' forest green -- it's not emerald, despite what the British press is calling it -- sleek tight sheath was the perfect hue with her pretty shade of tresses and her skin tone. Cristina Ehrlich, her New York-based stylist, hit this one out of the park. 

And Cotillard -- what can we say? Words nearly fail to describe this Prabal Gurung ensemble from pre-Fall: lily-print pants, a tuxedo jacket and a printed blouse. Such an unusual look for a Globes weekend -- which is why it makes it our favorite so far.