Golden Globes: 10 Things the Cameras Missed on the Red Carpet

Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler - Getty - H 2019
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Hollywood Reporter sat among the fans at the red carpet's arrival point, and caught some content that didn't make it into the award show's on-air coverage.

The Golden Globes mark Hollywood's biggest party, with the top stars from TV and film arriving on the red carpet. This year, The Hollywood Reporter sat among the fans at the carpet's arrival point, and caught some content that didn't make it into the award show's on-air coverage. Here are the best 10 of those unseen moments and celebrity interactions: 

Eighth Grade writer-director Bo Burnham and star Elsie Fisher were the first celebrities on the red carpet, arriving shortly after the gates opened at 2 p.m. The two came to the show together, with Fisher's father also in tow, and took some time to chat and dance around before hitting the interview circuit. 

— Dick Van Dyke arrived to fans chanting his name, laughing and waving in response. After doing his first interview, Van Dyke came over to the fan section to show off his Mary Poppins-inspired cane, adorned with a wooden parrot head at the top. 

— Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews was met with loud cheers from the fans lining the red carpet, and responded by doing his signature pec-dancing routine, which was clearly visible through his white tuxedo. 

— A number of co-stars walked the carpet together, waiting for each other to arrive, including the Black Panther cast (which waited for Michael B. Jordan), Dakota Fanning walking in with The Alienist co-star Luke Evans, and The Good Place's Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto entering together. 

— Upon Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's entrance, one fan yelled to Craig, "You are one lucky man!" to which the James Bond star mouthed "I know." Similarly, when Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones stopped for an interview, the same fan yelled that Douglas was also a lucky one, to which he laughed and nodded. 

— Stars also love meeting other stars! The start of the red carpet saw Lucy Liu chatting with Connie Britton, Sam Rockwell embracing Saoirse Ronan, Emmy Rossum screaming when she saw Laura Dern and running to hug her, John C. Reilly introducing himself to Candice Bergen, and Janelle Monae hanging with the Black Panther cast. 

— While waiting for his live interview to begin, Ben Stiller heard one fan yell out and ask him to do "Blue Steel." Stiller obliged, doing the iconic Zoolander look while standing next to his daughter, and was met with cheers. Stiller then moved to the side of the carpet for a conversation with Ozark's Jason Bateman. 

— When Beautiful Boy star Timothee Chalamet stopped for his first interview of the day, a fan yelled to him in the middle of it, "You make me cry all the time!" The line sent Chalamet into stitches, and he replied, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" 

— Fans went crazy when Tyler Perry, who stars in best comedy or musical nominee Vice, arrived on the red carpet, shouting about their love of his Madea character. He later approached the fan section and when one asked him to "bring Madea to daytime" he pointed at her and said, "I will, I will." 

— Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph shut down the carpet after they chose to ditch the typical limo ride for arrival via the back of a golf cart. After riding up onto the carpet, they had a moment before their interview when a fan yelled that he watches reruns of Poehler's show Parks and Rec every day. Rudolph joked that "I watch it every day too, every day" as Poehler laughed. 

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